Top 7 Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the top-rated battery-powered lawn mowers. In recent years, battery technology has advanced significantly, providing homeowners with an eco-friendly and convenient alternative to traditional gas-powered mowers. Our expert team has carefully researched and analyzed various models to bring you a curated list of the best battery-powered lawn mowers, ensuring you make an informed decision for a greener and hassle-free lawn care experience.


1. Greenworks 20-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower



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A powerful and eco-friendly solution for your lawn care needs. With the inclusion of a 4.0Ah + 2.0Ah battery and charger, this mower provides you with everything you need to maintain a beautiful yard without the hassle of cords or gas.

The Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower features a 2-in-1 design, allowing you to mulch or rear bag your grass clippings for easy disposal or use as natural fertilizer. The 20-inch cutting deck provides a wide cutting path, reducing the time it takes to mow your lawn.

Equipped with a 40V brushless motor, this mower delivers powerful performance and long-lasting durability. The brushless motor also ensures quieter operation, making it an ideal choice for residential areas.

Not only does this mower offer convenience and efficiency, but it is also environmentally friendly. By opting for a cordless electric mower, you eliminate the need for gas and reduce harmful emissions. This makes it a great choice for those who prioritize sustainability.

Experience the freedom of cordless mowing with the Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless (2-In-1) Push Lawn Mower. Say goodbye to the hassle of cords and gas, and hello to a greener way of maintaining your lawn.


2. Snapper MAX Step Sense Cordless Electric Lawn Mower



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This self-propelled mower in striking red and black is designed to make your mowing experience effortless and efficient.

The Snapper 1687914 features a powerful engine that delivers consistent performance, allowing you to tackle even the toughest grass with ease. Its self-propelled function takes the strain off your arms and legs, making mowing a breeze. You can effortlessly maneuver around obstacles and uneven terrain, achieving a perfectly manicured lawn in no time.

With a 21″ cutting deck, this mower covers a wide area, reducing the number of passes required to complete the job. The cutting height can be easily adjusted to suit your preferences, ensuring a tailored finish every time. Whether you prefer a close shave or a slightly longer cut, this mower has got you covered.

The Snapper 1687914 21″ SP Walk Mower Kit is built to last, with a durable construction that can withstand regular use and challenging conditions. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort during operation, reducing fatigue and allowing you to enjoy the process.

Upgrade your lawn care routine with the Snapper 1687914 21″ SP Walk Mower Kit. Experience the convenience of self-propelled technology, the power of a reliable engine, and the satisfaction of a well-groomed lawn. Get yours today and take your mowing game to the next level.


3. EGO Power+ 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower



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This innovative lawn care tool is designed to make your mowing experience easier and more efficient. With its powerful lithium-ion battery, you can say goodbye to the hassle of tangled cords and messy gasoline.

The EGO Power+ LM2100 features a 21-inch cutting deck, providing a wide path for quicker and more precise cuts. Although it is not self-propelled, its lightweight design allows for easy maneuverability, making it ideal for small to medium-sized lawns.

With this lawn mower, you have the freedom to choose your own battery and charger. While the battery and charger are not included, this flexibility allows you to use your existing EGO Power+ batteries and chargers or purchase them separately. This means you can customize your power source based on your needs and budget.

The EGO Power+ LM2100 is not only convenient but also environmentally friendly. Its cordless operation reduces noise and eliminates emissions, providing a cleaner and quieter mowing experience.

Experience the power and convenience of the EGO Power+ LM2100 21-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower. Say goodbye to cords and gasoline, and hello to a greener way of maintaining your lawn. Choose the battery and charger that work best for you, and enjoy effortless lawn care with this exceptional cordless mower.


4. Litheli Cordless Lawn Mower



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The perfect solution for maintaining a beautiful lawn with ease. This advanced lawn mower is equipped with a powerful brushless motor and two 20V 4.0Ah batteries, ensuring efficient and long-lasting performance. With its 17-inch cutting deck, it can effortlessly tackle medium-sized lawns and deliver a precise and even cut.

One of the standout features of this cordless lawn mower is its versatility. It offers both bagging and mulching capabilities, allowing you to choose the option that suits your needs. The bagging feature collects grass clippings in a convenient rear bag, keeping your lawn clean and tidy. On the other hand, the mulching option finely chops the grass into small pieces and spreads them back onto the lawn, acting as a natural fertilizer.

Say goodbye to the hassle of tangled cords and the noise of gas-powered mowers. The Litheli Cordless Lawn Mower operates quietly and offers the freedom of movement without being limited by a power cord. With the included charger, you can easily recharge the batteries for continuous mowing.

Invest in the Litheli Cordless Lawn Mower 17 Inch and experience the convenience, power, and precision it offers. Take control of your lawn maintenance and enjoy a lush, well-kept yard all year round.


5. Worx 40V Power Share Cordless Lawn Mower



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A game-changer in lawn care technology. This innovative mower combines power, convenience, and eco-friendliness to give you the ultimate cutting experience.

With its 40V Power Share battery, this cordless mower provides ample power to tackle even the toughest grass. Say goodbye to the hassle of cords and gas refills, as this mower offers freedom of movement and a hassle-free start every time. The 14″ cutting deck ensures efficient mowing, allowing you to cover more ground in less time.

Equipped with a 4.0Ah battery and charger included, the Worx WG779 is ready to go right out of the box. The battery is interchangeable with other Worx Power Share tools, making it a versatile addition to your garden arsenal.

In addition to its power and convenience, this lawn mower is also environmentally friendly. Its battery-powered operation means zero emissions and a reduced carbon footprint, helping you contribute to a cleaner and greener planet.

Experience the future of lawn care with the Worx WG779 40V Power Share 4.0Ah 14″ Cordless Lawn Mower. Embrace the power, efficiency, and eco-consciousness of this cutting-edge tool and achieve a perfectly manicured lawn without the fuss. Invest in the Worx WG779 and revolutionize the way you mow.


6. PowerSmart Battery Lawn Mower



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This advanced and efficient lawn mower is the perfect companion for maintaining a beautiful and pristine lawn. With its powerful 80V 6.0Ah lithium-ion battery, you can confidently tackle even the toughest grass and weeds.

The PowerSmart PS76821AP features a 21-inch cutting deck, allowing you to cover more ground in less time. Its 3-in-1 functionality allows you to mulch, bag, or side discharge grass clippings, providing you with versatile op

Equipped with a reliable and long-lasting lithium-ion battery, this mower offers cordless convenience without compromising on power. Say goodbye to the hassle of tangled cords and the fumes of gas-powered mowers. The battery charges quickly and provides ample runtime to complete your mowing tasks.

Designed with user comfort in mind, the PowerSmart PS76821AP features an adjustable handle and cutting height, allowing you to find the perfect position for a comfortable mowing experience. Its lightweight design and easy maneuverability make navigating around obstacles a breeze.

Invest in the PowerSmart Battery Lawn Mower 21 Inch 3-in-1 with 80V 6.0Ah Lithium-ion Battery and Charger PS76821AP, and enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained lawn with minimal effort. Upgrade to this efficient and eco-friendly mower today and experience the future of lawn care.


7. Makita Brushless 18″ Lawn Mower



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This high-performance lawn mower is a game-changer for all your lawn maintenance needs. With its powerful brushless motor and dual battery system, you can effortlessly tackle even the toughest grass and terrain.

The Makita XML03CM1 boasts a cutting-edge design that ensures precision and efficiency. Its 18-inch cutting width allows you to cover more ground in less time, saving you valuable hours on yard work. The brushless motor technology provides increased power and longer runtime, while the dual battery system ensures continuous operation without interruptions.

Equipped with four batteries, this kit offers an extended runtime, allowing you to mow larger areas without the hassle of frequent battery changes. The batteries are compatible with other Makita tools, providing versatility and convenience for all your DIY projects.

Not only does the Makita XML03CM1 deliver outstanding performance, but it also prioritizes user comfort and safety. The mower features adjustable cutting height settings, ergonomic handles, and a convenient grass bag for easy disposal.

Invest in the Makita XML03CM1 36V (18V X2) LXT® Brushless 18″ Lawn Mower Kit with 4 Batteries and experience the next level of lawn care. Say goodbye to noisy gas-powered mowers and embrace the future of efficient and eco-friendly lawn maintenance.


In conclusion, the emergence of high-quality battery-powered lawn mowers has revolutionized the way we maintain our lawns. With their efficient performance, eco-friendly operation, and minimal maintenance requirements, these mowers have become a popular choice among homeowners. By investing in one of the best battery-powered lawn mowers from our curated list, you can enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained lawn while reducing your carbon footprint. Embrace the future of lawn care with these innovative and reliable machines.

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