How to Choose the Best Gaming Keyboard

Like all the other parts and accessories of a gaming PC, the keyboards are very important too. There are a lot of keyboards in the marketplaces based on quality, design, using and so on. The gaming keyboards are such types of devices which are specially designed for gaming. So, it’s simple to understand that a gaming keyboard makes gaming easier and more excitement.

Choosing a gaming keyboard is a little bit tough for those who are a beginner. In fact, they get confused to pick one as there are many gaming keyboards with almost the same style and design. But quality is not the same for all of them. And in this article, we are going to describe to you what gaming keyboard will be worth buying. For the pro level gamers, a good gaming keyboard has a great role. You can change a few brands and model to get the best one for you. But it’s not possible for all. So, making sufficient research can save you money and time. And here you will know how to choose the best gaming keyboards.

After making research for sufficient time about gaming keyboards, we have found some important factors about them. By considering a few factors included in the below, it will be easier to choose the best one. Before everything, you have to know about the types of keyboards. You may know there are types of gaming keyboards.

Types of Gaming Keyboard

Basically, there are two main types of keyboards. One is Mechanical and other is Non-Mechanical who are known as Membrane keyboards as well. The Mechanical keyboards are made of very higher quality. The best thing about them is the construction of individual keys. Each of the keys is individual. On the contrary, Membrane keyboards are constructed with consist of a rubber sheet. Here we will tell about the mechanical gaming keyboards mainly. There are several reasons to give priority to the mechanical keyboard. You will get a precise and comfortable experience with them. You will also get the idea about others also.

Types of Keys

For the mechanical keyboards, you will find 3 types of keys. They are Linear Key, Tactile Key, and Clicky Key. The Linear Keys are typically quiet and they will perform well if you need repeated keystrokes. Though they are not so suitable for heavy-typing but a good selection for first placed games. The Tactile keys are designed with a small tactile bump and that helps you to be sure about registering the keystrokes in the system. The Clicky keys are really ideal for heavy typing and they do not make a noise at all. They are quiet and smooth to press.

The first thing about choosing a gaming keyboard is being sure about some important factors. You can ask yourself about them. What they are? Let’s see.

Keyboard Extras

Just ask yourself, do you need a keyboard with extras like dedicated Macro Keys, Media Control, USB ports or Wrist Pad, etc? There are some high-quality keyboards who provide the facilities of quick access buttons so that you can control media with the keyboard. But you have to be sure about the keyboards that they actually providing dedicated keys for media control. Some keyboards are designed with shared function keys which are really annoying. You can’t use them quickly as like as dedicated keys. To use the shared functions keys, you have to press the modifier key first.

Media keys of a keyboard allow listening to music and watching conveniently. You can easily play and pause the media to control. There are also options for increasing or decreasing volume and even mute also.

Let’s tell you something about the Dedicated Macro Keys. Basically, the Macro Keys are placed on the left-hand side of the keyboard. There are almost around 18 dedicated macro keys and they increase the keyboard size of course. If you play games like FPS, the macro keys may not so important.

RGB Lighting Effect

You will find the gaming keyboards with a single color, multiple color, and special effects also. Gamers like the keyboards that have lighting effects. Though it doesn’t make any issue for gaming properly, it helps to make the gaming environment much better. You must understand that you have to pay more for them. Though you will find some gamers who don’t like the lighting effects actually, the cool effects can attract you very much. If you have a gaming room or gaming desk with much lightning, the RGB lighting effects will adjust easily.

Wired or Wireless

Though the wireless keyboard is an ideal selection for office and normal working, the wired keyboards are highly recommended for gaming. The wireless keyboards provide much mobility. But mobility is not so important while gaming. If you use a wireless gaming keyboard, that would be costly too. Most of the gaming keyboard is wired as there are several advantages. While using a wireless gaming keyboard you may face laggings also. As you know mechanical keyboards are the first choice for gamers, you will find most of the mechanical keyboard are wired.


A space-saving design is always recommended. But the extra keys can increase the size of keyboards. If you really need the extra keys, you can go with large size. Though non-slip feet are not a big deal, you can attain a stable experience. The non-slip adjustable rear feet ensure a proper typing angle. Typing angle could be a matter for using comfortably. The key size should be perfect for your finger and check this before buying.

Hope you understand what types of keyboard is ideal for you. Selection of a gaming mouse could be versatile due to the games you play in. But the manufacturers made the gaming keyboards keeping all the features and facilities in their mind. We have not said something about the brands and price of gaming keyboards as it must be varying. For a good gaming keyboard that includes all the features and facilities described here, you can spend a little bit more of the amount.