How to Choose the Right Graphics Card

Well, when you are planning to build a gaming PC, one of the most important accessories is a graphics card. How much entertaining the game will be, it depends on a quality graphics card a lot. Choosing the best graphics card is too important for that reason. But people make some mistake to consider some facts that are important. As a result, they can’t make the best selection of the right graphics card for their PC. Without a good graphics card, you can’t expect a better experience of gaming as well.

So, here we are going to tell about the facts you have to keep in mind while buying a graphics card. You must have a budget for that. And only you know which one is compatible with your PC. After reading this article, you will be able to make the selection right easily. Read the following words carefully and try to go with the item that has sufficient quality as like as described here. But before that, we want to tell about a few words about the types of the graphics card.

On-Board Graphics Card

Most of the budget based PC are made with such types of On-Board graphics card. One thing you should remember that never go with an On-Board graphics card when you are building the PC for gaming. Because they are not so suitable for gaming or high-quality video.

PCI Express Graphics Card

The PCI Express is the standard video card as of 2009. Both of ATI and NVIDIA produce PCI Express Graphics Card. They can share graphics processing with another graphics card also. For PCI express, you have to be sure that the graphics card and motherboard supports CroosFire for ATI card as well as SLI for NVIDIA card.

AGP Graphics Card

AGP was popular also for the mid-2000s. These are not using nowadays as PCI Express placed by replacing them. There is also another reason. Many hardware manufacturers don’t include a port for AGP.

External Graphics Card

You may know, the laptops do not have extra space for an add-on graphics card. That’s the reason some laptops manufacturers produce such types of graphics card which are mainly helpful to boost graphics of a laptop.

Let us tell you what important facts you have to keep in mind when you are going to buy a graphics card. We say that it’s a quick tip to be sure about which graphics card you should choose.

First of all, you have to be sure how much money you can spend on a graphics card. You must understand that the more expensive graphics card is able to provide better performance.

When we think about GPUs, there are two major GPU manufacturers who are NVIDIA and AMD. Intel is the 3rd one who integrates GPUs into their CPUs. When it is about the discrete graphics card, NVIDIA & AMD are two big names. NVIDIA and AMD provide new generation graphics card almost every year or with a space of a year. All the new graphics card they manufacture offers a variable range of power. Of course, they come with various price option as well.

Basically, the best and the easiest way to choose the right graphics card is looking at the real world benchmarks of gaming. Let’s talk about some important facts.

You may know the video RAM is known as V RAM and that’s the most important thing you have to focus on while choosing a video card. People are serious about that and some people also give priority to this. But you should know that having more than you need won’t increase the performance. The video RAM is important for loading the images as well as the textures that the game make up.

Remember that, sharing is not good always. Especially for the V RAM. When you play a game and the graphics card runs out of the V RAM available, it causes the huge hits to performance. There are some important facts who really impact the V RAM allocation. They are anti-aliasing, resolution, as well as texture quality.

Basically, the higher settings of them need more VM. So, the higher end cards packing the larger amount of V RAM. You may love gaming at 4K resolution. For gaming with 4K resolution, a lot of V RAM is essential. Okay, let’s talk about the resolution.

You may know every computer is made up of pixels. Resolution determines the numbers of pixels that appear on the screen. More pixels provide more visual details. That’s how you can enjoy a crystal clear image, video or gameplay. For the standard resolution of modern gaming PC, the resolution should be 1920x1080. Higher resolution that this will 2560x1440 or 1440p. Nowadays, the upper end of resolution for consumer grade screen is 3840x2160 or ultra HD 4K. The 4K resolution packs in 4x as many pixels as 1080p that results 4x demand on the graphics card for gaming on PC.

A large number of pixels at a resolution of 4K needs a great amount of V RAM. 2GB is enough for playing most of the games at 1080p. 4GB is better than this. It is ideal for playing games even with 1440p resolution. You can go with more RAM size of 6GB or more than that when you want to play with 4K resolution.

Do you know about the stream processor? They are the processors which perform producing an image on the screen. The GPU clock speed is the speed the stream processors are running at.

You may know that; the GPU chip in every graphics card is made by AMD or NVIDIA. But the cards are made of other manufacturers like ASUS, EVGA, or Gigabyte. All of them make quality items of course. But there are some differences in quality of heatsink, noise level, etc.

We have tried to include a lot of important things you have to know before buying a graphics card. What graphics card you need depends on your demand and need. Before buying one, consider the facts we have described here.