How to Choose the Best Gaming Monitor

Gamers know about the differences between a normal and a gaming monitor. If you have long-time experience of gaming, you must feel the necessity of a good gaming monitor. But what about the beginner? When anybody starts gaming on PC, they can’t feel the importance of power and strength of the PC. But after a few days, they can’t understand gaming PCs are different from the generals. Like others, gaming monitor has also a very important role. And here we will tell about some important things about gaming mouse.

After researching the gaming monitors, we have found and point out the most important features and qualities. Here we will tell about them so that you can know what they are. If you are going to buy a gaming monitor for the first time, this article will help you a lot. And even if you are replacing the previous one, don’t ignore this. Hope that you can simply choose the best gaming monitor considering the features included in the below.


There are several things to tell about the design of gaming monitors. Basically, the design is not a big deal for the gamers if they get better resolution and response time. But yet, a good design can make the experience of gaming so far better. So, you can simply buy a gaming monitor with good design.

People like zero-frame monitors so much. But we suggest you not to give priority to this. You can go with a zero-frame monitor if the overall quality is good enough. Ergonomic tilt is one of the most useful designs for all types of monitor. You must know about this feature and also know how you can be benefited with this. Basically, you can simply tilt the monitor from an angle to another for the proper view that you need. They are very easy to adjust and you will enjoy the best view. Though most of the popular gaming monitors are not offering this feature nowadays, you can choose one.

Response Time

As a gamer, you need a monitor that is able to perform with the ultra-fast response time. Gamers know why response time is so important. In that case, you have to know about GameFast Input Technology. You will find the gaming monitor with the lowest response time like 1ms. The picture quality you will get depends on it a lot. With a standard response time like another monitor, the picture may blurry while gaming. So, if you expect a crystal-clear resolution, be sure about great response time.

Higher Resolution

We have already said about the response time. But without higher resolution, you will miss almost each and every facility. In fact, the resolution is the most important things for any monitor. The monitors are available with several resolutions which are 1080p (Full HD), 1440p (QHD/2K), 2160p (UHD/4K).

As everybody expects a better visual detail, the essential thing they need is higher resolution. There are some important things you should remember. If your PC is built with modern and powerful GPUs that allows pushing over 30 FPS, you can go with a UHD monitor. Otherwise, you won’t get a clear view even after spending a lot of money on UHD. QHD is very popular and ideal for most of the gaming PC. So, you can go with one of them considering the power of your PC.

Screen Size

21 inches or 27 inches are the most popular screen size for the gaming monitor. But you can make your decision accurately which is very simple. If you choose a monitor with a resolution of more than 1080p, you can 27 inches. The bigger screen needs more resolution. Otherwise, you won’t get a clear view. And if the screen is small with high-resolution, the view will clearer also. Whatever, for the monitor with a resolution of 1080p, you can go with a monitor that has a screen size of 24 inches.


If you forget about connectors, you can face a problem on the screen. Basically, you should consider the maximum of the input and output for the monitor. For video/audio transfer on PC, DisplayPort 1.4 is a great option when HDMI 1.4/2.0 another option.

Eye Care Technology

like all the other facilities you get from the best gaming monitor, safety is important too. That’s why some of the high-quality monitors build their monitor with Eye Care Technology. You may listen about marathon gaming season. When you play the game for a long time, the blue light could be the cause of your eye damage. Not only that, you can face headaches, strains, sleep disorders and so on. A useful thing is Blue Light Filter Setting. That helps to keep the monitor to deep lit or standard environment.

Another useful thing is flicker free technology. Nobody likes flickering while watching something. For gaming, flickering is so disturbing. Not about the only disturbance, it is harmful to your eyes also. In fact, it is the cause of eye fatigue. The monitor where used the flicker-free technology, they maintain everything by adjusting the backlit. You will find such features with some of the best gaming monitors from the brand ASUS.

If you spend money to buy everything with better quality, don’t hesitate about the monitors. A top-quality gaming monitor can bring you to an upper level of gaming experience. Though it depends on your gaming level. If you are a beginner, you may not be interested to spend too much for the monitor. But if you are a pro level gamer, the monitor is so important for you. And you know that very well. So, if you are a beginner and planning to buy a monitor for long time use, go with the monitor that has the entire features and qualities as like as described here.