How to Choose the Right Game Controller

There are different types of devices gamer used to make the gaming more exciting. Game controllers are one of the most important devices that will bring you to the next level of gaming. Nowadays, people use them to make gameplay more exciting. You can use a game controller not only for PC but also for versatile gaming devices like Android, TV Box and so on. Here we will tell about the best game controller. If you are going to choose one for the very first time, the following words are going to help you a lot.

A game controller is mainly an input type device that you can use for the different entertainment system and of course for the gaming system. With a game controller, you can simply control character or the objects of the game you are playing. The input devices are the devices you used to play like a mouse, keyboard, joystick, gamepads, etc. After making research over the game controller, we have found some important and essential factors that you have to consider for choosing the best game controller. Hope that the information will be helpful for you. Let us tell you what are the important things you should pay attention to.


One of the most important things about the game controller is its design. How much comfortable it is, and how much you can enjoy depending on the design most. A compact design allows comfortable using for a long time. The non-slip constriction ensures great precision. Two things you can consider here which are weight and shape. If the weight is too heavy, you will face hand fatigue. As a result, you won’t be able to play a game for a long time. The shape is important as the controller should fit properly. The better it fits, the more comfortable you will gain.

The construction of rubber grip helps not only for comfortable use but also for avoiding stickiness. Overall, the ergonomic design ensures an optimal feeling while playing.

High Precision D-Pad

The best thing about the D-Pad is separated design. That features easy and better control. When you will have better access on the D-Pad, you can control everything without any hassle. So, it will ensure precision in playing the game.

Non-Slip Joystick

The construction of a joystick for a game controller should be smart and ergonomic. Most importantly, it should be non-slip. You must understand why it's so important to be non-slip. When you use the controller for a long time, you can face sweat that makes problem in playing the game. The construction of a rough surface and non-slip texture provide better performance. That can also provide high precision. Overall, a non-slip joystick ensures better gameplay.

Vibration Feedback

A very interesting thing you will like very much is the feature of vibration feedback. It helps to feel the top level of gaming and make the game most exciting. So, the gamer likes it very much. Basically, they are designed with an electric motor and they provide vibration feedback while being shot at or skidding. Can you imagine how exciting it is? You can turn the vibration On or Off within the setting.

Wide Compatibility

When you are going to spend some money on a device, you must expect more compatibility of course. A gaming controller could be used for different gaming devices. Before you buy one, just take a look at its compatibility. We have found some of the best game controllers which are compatible with gaming devices like Android, TV Box, Windows, Vista and much more. Be sure about what devices it doesn’t support. We found some of them don’t support Xbox One / Xbox 360 / Mac OS etc.

Responsive Button and Trigger

We have already said it. All the joystick, buttons and trigger of the controller should be easy to access. When they are easy to reach, you can use them properly. So, all the buttons and triggers should have sufficient space amongst them. Let’s tell you what is the facility of space between the buttons. Sometimes you can press multiple buttons if they placed in too closely. But when they have sufficient distance, there is no chance to make such a mistake.

Easy Using

Even after considering all the useful features and qualities, you have to be sure about the gaming controller you choose is easy enough to use. Basically, the gaming controllers are designed with easy access and also with the facility of an easy connection. In that case, you will find two option. One is wired and another one is wireless. We have to specific recommendation between them. But the wired controllers can work smoother and faster. When you use a wired controller, there is no need for installing any driver as well. The wireless controllers provide hassle-free using, but they are expensive. They need a battery to be operated. You can connect the wireless controllers with USB. So, the wireless one offers multiple options.

You must have a budget for the gaming controller you are going to buy. You can spend $40-$60 for a wireless controller. But the wired controllers are available for almost half of the price considering the wireless controller.

Hope that the information we have included here will help you to make the right selection of the game controller. Before buying one, know about the item properly and be sure about the features and quality we’ve described here. And then enjoy the game, enjoy the excitement.